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Here at Sauvie Island Kennels, we feel that regular exercise is an important part in the health and happiness of all companion animals. Since we provide care for a wide assortment of pets with various ages and personalities, we offer several different exercise options.

Our facility has two large outdoor exercise playyards, a six acre grassy field and nature trails available to our boarding guests. All dogs may romp and play in the exercise yards in the Playyard exercise option. On Lead walks include a walk around our grassy field on a retractable leash allowing plenty of room for exploring all the exciting sites and smells of the country. The Off Lead exercise option is just that, off lead fun like retrieving balls in our big grassy field for a more aerobic workout designed for our young, active guests. It should be noted that your pet must be obedient to come when called to qualify for the off lead exercise

Please request any of these additional services at time of check in and also specific the type and quantity of exercise you wish for your pet during its stay at Sauvie Island Kennels.