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Boarding Tips

When you board your dog, you should understand that boarding is a shared responsibility. There are a few things you should do before boarding your pet to make it a good experience:

Dogs should be prepared psychologically for boarding. It is best to start boarding them as a puppy, after they have had all their immunizations complete. Young animals under the age of one year usually learn quickly to enjoy boarding and after a few visits, your pup will accept boarding away from home as a normal way of life. The psychological preparation of a dog for boarding also helps them develop a health personality. It includes socializing with new people and other animals in a safe and healthy environment. Naturally, a dog who is relaxed about boarding will likely board well. A pet owner should not show great emotion or cry over the dog in the kennel office upon leaving him or her, as this will cause your pet to be upset. A quick goodbye and pat on the head, like you are going to work  for  the

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day, is all that is needed. When you come back for your dog, they will be very excited to see you. Dogs do not have a sense of time. They will be as happy to see you after 5 minutes or after 5 days.

Dogs should be physically prepared for boarding. Your dog should be healthy and free of parasites prior to coming to the kennel. We recommend that your pet is examined by a veterinarian annually, and require vaccinations updated as necessary. Extremely old, fragile, or sick dogs should not be boarded at a kennel but rather cared for at a veterinary clinic. We can and do administer oral medications to pets during their stay with us. Please bring all medications in their bottles with complete instructions so that we may follow the directions. Make sure there is enough medications for the duration of the pets stay. Pets with special dietary needs or allergies should have their own food. A change in diet can lead to a change in stool, which is normal. You are always welcome to bring your own food when boarding, just be sure to let us know how much and how often you feed so that we may keep the same schedule for your pet.