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Boarding Checklist

Here are a few things that you should remember to bring along with your pet:

    • Current vaccination records from your vet
    • Blanket or bedding- machine washable
    • Toys- durable and washable
    • Treats- if you wish
    • Food- if you prefer a special diet, please pack enough for entire stay
    • Medication- if any are needed, plus dosage directions
    • Emergency name and number- in case we need to reach you

Understanding the Boarding Experience

Anytime your dog stays at a kennel, he or she will experience some amount of stress. In some cases, dogs may develop tracheobronchitis, or occasionally, intestinal problems like diarrhea while boarding. Also, some dogs carry viruses in their system for months and begin to show symptoms only after being subjected to a stress situation. We strive to make the boarding experience for your pet as stress -free as possible and encourage you to prepare your pet both physically and psychologically for boarding.During boarding, some dogs may step in their stools or urine and become dirty. This happens in the cleanest of kennels! If bathing is necessary, let us know that you wish to have your pet bathed on the day they are scheduled to go home. If their bedding becomes soiled, we will take it out and launder it. If your pet decides to make a chew toy out of their bed, we will remove it from their kennel run.

Eating habits may change under stress, some dogs will eat more and gain some weight, and others pick at their food and lose weight. Some dogs are more active and pace around and others are more sedate than they normally would be at home. Most often dogs go home exhausted but happy and sleep lot during the first couple of days back home. A successful boarding experience depends on not only the boarding facility, but also upon how well the owner prepares his pet for the experience.